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The School


The school originated in Catania, a large Sicilian city situated at the foot of the highest volcano of Europe: Mount ETNA. On June 1976 on the initiative of a young enthusiast yudansha, the current Master Pietro Suriano, who with such action, proposed the practice of the AIKIDO according to the teaching of the great Master KOBAYASHI HIROKAZU. The AIKI evolution, according to the laws of the meguri and of Maru, their constant application in the practice of the Aiki and in the everyday life and in every direction of the human ability, are the main characteristics of the BUIKU AIKI.
The foundation of UNIONE AIKIDO KOBAYASHI, was then a consequential step. The Master Kobayashi liked very much the idea to develop a School with only academic principles, avoiding any kind of federation, that he even initialed the deed of the foundation, taking upon himself the moral and didactic guidance. The Master Suriano was the first headmaster of the school, nominated Ichiban Kwaicho and Aikido Kyoshi by Master KOBAYASHI on January 1983, he took care of the didactic guidance of South Italy. Under the master Kobayashi direction, the appointment of Kwaicho was given to Master POLIMENO Giovanni from Lecce. The management of the school of North Italy was assigned by the Great Japanese Master to Master SAVEGNANO Giampiero from Vicenza, a dynamic founder of the national School and a very good friend of the Masters SURIANO and POLIMENO. To the Italian School the Master Andre’ COGNARD joined as a honorary member, and afterwards he founded the Academie Autonome de Aikido in France. It is proper to name all the old practicing students of the Master Kobayashi, that saw the starting of the Italian School: the Master Jean Francois RIODNDET of Marsille, the Master Adrien HALM of Moulhouse, the Master Jean Marc BRIEFER of Geneva, the Master Ezio ANTONUCCI of Salerno and the Master Enzo SICALI of Catania. The Italian School was an example for all Europe, until the human beings narrowness made the founders decide to put this initiative aside for more mature times. So today, on the death of the very loved Master KOBAYASHI, His pupils POLIMENO, SURIANO, SAVEGNANO decide to restore the Union and to give honor to the Same. Right now, the School of the Master KOBAYASHI in south Italy, is formed by a foundation, the BUIKUKAI managed by the Kwaicho POLIMENO Giovanni, by virtue of the nomination deeds to such title , as for the Great Master’s will, and filed at the Hombu of Catania. In the south Italy the didactic trend is constituted by the Master SURIANO supported by the young LO GIUDICE Guglielmo, bright and valuable performer of the last technique evolution of the School and successor of the same, who has been entrust with the insignia, which were given to the Master SURIANO twenty years ago by the Master KOBAYASHI. The organizational residence is at Porto Cesareo, province of Lecce, at the Central Dojo for the Puglie, the teaching place of the Kwaicho. The Hombu Dojo of Catania is directed by a Head Instructor, CAVALLARO Orazio Aikido Kyoshi, and a chief of the ceremonial takes care of the theoretic preparation of the youngest pupils who afterwards have to approach the strict ceremonials of the elderly. All this to avoid loosing the connection with the tradition. The duty is assigned to SCLAFANI Vittorio Aikido Renshi.







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