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Ai Ki Buiku
The School


The school organizes various Kasshoku or Kankeiko, some of them imposed by the cerimonial: the 14th of December, O-Sensei’s birthday; the 26th of April day of His death and the 28th of August day of Master KOBAYASHI’s death.

The school practice always begins with Shin Kokyu, it has the pecularity to contain all the teaching of venerable UESHIBA and to be guide and Kodo for original learning over all.

An assey of Master Suriano says:

“The laws of Takemusu Aiki, aren’t mysterious laws. They pass through the Spirit and Harmony, they blend themselves to the apparent corporeality through the incarnation of principles represented by Amaterasu O Mi Kami, Kuni no Toko Tachi, Ame no Mi Naka Nuci and expressed by the Cosmic breath and the man, the Kokyu. They’re the practice of Shin Kokyu that can be the priciple for understanding, misogi happening for our Preparation.”

In the School, the footprint wanted by Master SURIANO, that has its base on a serious preparation on the principles of So Ichi Kubai, in the Aiki Ken and in the practice of the Jo is constantly the fulcrum for the study for all the classes of apprentices.

As a symbol for the south of Italy School was chosen the blackthorn flower, symbol of Master SURIANO’s Family. This Mon was approved by MASTER KOBAYASHI himself and it identifies the goals and the will of His sicilian apprentice.








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