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“I remember my Master often told me of how important is for a man to bind himself to appreciations and that it’s an unavoidable doom to form organisms or associations that, replacing the individual, though a Master, gave power and charm to those who need them.”

So, now as I fially understood the sense of His words, I find myself tied as He was, but with Him I feel myself free to think, to act and to open myself to the world. So no privilege to those who belong to the Master School, but very particular attention to those who want to learn and to practice with passion, this is the only style I prefer.

In fact nowaday, though I don’t need to give myself labels , I find them sticked on me without wanting them. Some people declare to act in the name of others giving themselves credits and receiving references for that, surely for the reasons my Master told me.

Confortable dynasties, with the right given by those who believe in human privileges.
Knowledge and peculiar tecniques aren’t sufficient, it needs passion, love for what you do; like Someone I believed in said once: “KOKORO”.

Personality is needed, not just appearance.

Declaring his own skills is useless in war, you must show them or with the defeat you’ll loose your life.

So it is also in science: think about what catastrophy would have been if all my colleagues medics had strictly applied the laws of medicine without using their own tecniques and geniality. We all stil should heal peoplel with spells.

So progress in in the evolution and in the skill to re-test ourselves and what we have studied, so we can acquire new concepts and knowledges.

As a man of science and as a Budo artist, I feel this necessity, so I laugh, not just smile, at the various labels.

I don’t dislike my apprentices calling themselves BUIKUKAI…if they like so…but what I teach them is my ryu.

(off-print of Master Suriano’s volume; “Otoko no Tamashi - Spirit of man”.)








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